What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is a meditation technique based on breathcontrol. You simultaneously develop your body, mind and soul. You experience the power of God within yourself, in others and the whole creation.

Baba HariharanandaKriya Yoga brings you beyond distractive bodily observations and senses. You develop detachement from daily worries, emotions and thoughts. The technique of Kriya Yoga consists of a number of physical, breathing and concentration exercises, which transform your life energy. By regular practise you experience cosmic light, sound and vibration, a deep inner calmness, clarity and concentration. That is how you penetrate into the deepest layers of consciousness. Also after the Kriya Yoga meditation you experience a deep inner peace. Because of this your daily actions will be more balanced, effective and more in harmony with the cosmos.

In this way regular practise of the Kriya Yoga meditation technique will lead to mastery of your moods and actions; the meditation will bring inner peace and balance in your life. Kri means to act, Ya means the Soul and Yoga means connection. Kriya Yoga means that you will perceive the power of the soul – a divine force – in every action.

Why Kriya Yoga? In our life we are rapidly distracted by the many outer stimuli and observations. The five senses help us to stay on course in our daily life and to be in contact with the people and things around us. In order to go deeper become more balanced and to look at the world from your inner eye it is important to regularly withdraw your attention from the daily worries.

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By means of the Kriya Yoga technique you can search for inner deepening and develop single pointed concentration. When you meditate regularly you will find more inner peace in your daily life. Because of this it will be easier to make the right decisions from a connection with the divine Soul with which you will continuously stay joined. This way you will automatically create success and harmony in your life. So meditate, then there will be more love, insight, strength and eventually Self-realisation.