Swami Satyananda

SatyanandaComing originally from Bangladesh, as a teenager Swami Satyananda (1896-1971) had a very special meeting with Mukunda, later known as Yogananda. Their friendship became strong in their development in realization of the truth. They promised each other to live a life of celibacy and spend all their time in mediation and seclusion, on several holy places and temples. Even during the night they stayed devoted, where others spend their time at parties and worldly pleasures. Both received their initiation into monkhood from Shri Yukteshwarji.

For many years Swami Satyananda worked as a social worker at the service of the poorest of the poor in former Bangladesh. His pure character and care for the poor inspired Mahatma Gandhi to visit him at the Ranchi ashram, which was founded by Swamiji and Yoganandaji. His motto was: ”compliance with love and meditation for everybody”. Swami Satyananda formed the basis of the initiation of Mahatma Gandhi that took place later. As a sign of his love for the trampled and forgotten people in society, he founded the Sevayatan Satsang Mission in Jhadagram, a poor region in Bangladesh. After the mahasamadhi of Paramahamsa Yogananda in 1952, he stayed as the president of the Karar ashram in Purifor the rest of his life.

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