In liefdevolle herinnering, Silvia Ma

Silvia Ma

Van Onwaarheid naar Waarheid
Van Duisternis naar het Licht
Van de Dood naar het Eeuwige leven

"Het mooiste is de liefde, die overwint alles. "

Den Haag 20 augustus 1952 – Sterksel 20 maart 2018

Silvia van Breukelen – Gielen

Echtgenote van
Peter van Breukelen

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Brief  van Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, 26 maart 2018:

Loving and Divine Ones,

I am sending this message to all of you while I am spending a few days in the forest in silence and seclusion: praying, meditating, studying, and reflecting. When I heard about Silvia Ma’s departure, out of humility and love I thought it important to write a few sentences.

Since the early 1980s it has been a blessing for me to see Peter Baba on several occasions in India. I went to the West in 1994, and that year I had the opportunity to see his family, consisting of his beloved wife Silvia Ma and their three beautiful daughters. I lived with their family several times.
As you know, Kriya Yoga is a path designed for householders. This divine family of Peter Baba and Silvia Ma is a model for kriyavans in the West. Peter Baba is like a strong rock, but when Silvia Ma became his life partner, her humility and kindness helped him grow in many ways.

Peter Baba and Silvia Ma have hosted our beloved Gurudev and many other teachers, including me, countless times, opening the door of their homes in different places in The Netherlands and at the end in the ashram of Sterksel.

Since 1994 I have seen, observed, and understood this couple more and more. To me, Silvia Ma was a loving mother, who showered care and attention all around her in many ways every time I saw her. I have seen her in different places in Europe, at the Miami Ashram, and in India. She provided ample opportunity for Peter Baba to serve Gurudev and teach Kriya Yoga.

Silvia Ma was a great support to many on the path of Kriya. Peter Baba is like a father to many, and she was like a mother. Her love for Gurudev and Kriya is inexplicable. In the meditation class she would silently come at the end and sit and practice with devotion.

To see her smiling was like a blooming flower. Both of them took care of not only their three daughters (Dana, Maria, and Theresa), but also all the kriyavans who visited them.

In Sterksel Ashram she was the mother figure to many. For some time she passed through difficult suffering from physical ailment, but her mental strength, willpower, and faith in God and Gurudev were never broken.

At last God and Gurudev took her to the divine abode on March 20, 2018. Her physical presence will be missed, but she will remain in the minds and hearts of countless seekers who have come in contact with her.

Silvia Ma’s physical departure is an irreparable loss for the three daughters and her dear husband, and also a great loss for the Kriya family of Europe.

Let us pray for Silvia Ma and her family. I send my heartfelt prayer to Silvia Ma, Dana, Maria, and Theresa, as well as Peter Baba. This is the law of life; we have come and we have to go. We must utilize every moment to grow in love, kindness, compassion, and thanksgiving.

With endless love to Silvia Ma, I bow to her.

With Love,